Maureen R.    Special Educator

" My students really enjoy the class, and they benefit from the calming/relaxation strategies that Kathy incorporates into her routines.  This program also helps with some of my students who are more physically disabled; these students get a chance to use the muscles that they don't typically "work out" during the academic school day.  Overall, it's a time for the students to really shine and learn to feel more confident.    Thanks!"

Ruth G  

"Kathy is a terrific Yoga Instructor. She obviously practices what she teaches and cares very much for her students."

Nancy K

"Kathy Cass has changed this 82 1/2 year old to be positive, more healthy and more aware of my breathing.  I am sooooooo glad for this class and all the tips she gives us (ie: foods, teas, etc)."

Robert F    69 years old Retired

"Kathy Cass embarks with her "Yogis", on a journey of breathing, movement, meditation and chanting.  Her inspirational and knowledgeable understanding and teaching of Yoga is shared with just the right amount of "Brooklyn Humor" and radiant smile.  You'll thank the "Universe" for the opportunity to cross paths with Kathy Cass."

Allan B    70 years old Mediator

"I have taken Kathy's Yoga class regularly for several years.  She incorporates, movement, chanting and meditation, all the while bringing the importance of BREATHING, to the fore.  Furthermore, she as well introduces Ayurvedic therapy principles in the mix.  In my 50 years of practicing many forms of Yoga, never have I enjoyed a teacher more than Kathy." 

Denise O  53 years old Jewelry Designer

"Kathy has a loving spirit that you absorb that encourages on to breathe and move your body in a safe, gentle manner."